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The Triple Bottom Line: People, People, People

PlanetIn the recent Strathclyde Dialogues* in Abu Dhabi, I presented the view that the triple bottom line of organisational success is People, People, People, in contrast to the generally used triple bottom line of Profit, Planet, People.

My view is that the profit and planet are indeed necessary criteria for measuring the success of organisations, but they are not sufficient.  The development of ‘human capital‘ and in particular inspirational leaders is crucial to ‘pick up the baton’ and charge ahead driving profit, planet, and of course more people with them towards continuous success.  Therefore, an important criterion of organisational success should be the capability of the organisation to continuously develop leaders.

You can view my presentation on

For more information about this event, see the The Triple Bottom Line Strathclyde Dialogue Press Release .

* The Strathclyde Dialogues series is currently in its third year; the Dialogues aim to bring together panels of experts who exchange views to promote understanding and knowledge-sharing in various fields of global interest that have particular application to the UAE.  For more information, visit ‘The Strathclyde Dialogues website‘.